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If you would like to get on our waitlist for a Desertskye puppy, please fill out the Puppy Questionnaire. If you seem like a good fit for one of our puppies, I will be in touch.

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Desertskye Moments litter, 4 boys & 3 girls

NSBIS MBISS GCHS Freespirits As You Like It CGC X GCHB Sandstorm Treasure Every Moment JC


Tamarisk Ejaz litter Co-Bred at Tamarisk Salukis, 4 girls &1 boy

El Riyah Azar Gabriel JC RN BCAT X NSBIS NSBIF MBIF DC Tamarisk Diwan Takalluf of Skye SC FCH



Co-Bred with Tamarisk Salukis, 1 girl

CH Carnis’ Hocus Pocus JC FCH X BIS MBISS GCHS Tamarisk Diwan Jovial Nairang e Skye TKN



Kistmet Atis litter bred by Jenna Lowe & Co bred with Skye Salukis

GCH Zyan Into The Windstorm x GCH DC Tamarisk Cemal Desert Cerenade SC FCh


Tamarisk Diwan litter

Co-Bred at Tamarisk Salukis

GCh Doubletimes Matrix Reloaded CD BN JC x GCH DC Tamarisk Cemal Desert Cerenade SC FCh